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About WVWD

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1. How do I report a leak?
2. Do you have a program for low income customers?

Customer Service

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1. How can I avoid paying a deposit on my new account?
2. Can I have my water turned on the same day?
3. How can I get my current balance?


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1. How Do I Request a Fire Flow Test?
2. How Do I Request a Will Serve Letter?

Human Resources

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1. How do I find out about WVWD job openings?
2. How often are job openings advertised?
3. Do you accept applications when there are no job openings?
4. Where can I obtain a job application?
5. Are resumes accepted in lieu of an application?
6. How do I submit an application?
7. Should I attach copies of applicable certifications?
8. Do you require a DMV printout?
9. Will I be notified regarding the status of my application?
10. How long do you keep an application on file?
11. How long does the hiring process take?
12. Is a separate application required for each open position?
13. Do WVWD employees belong to unions or employee associations?

Water Quality

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1. Why does my water look milky/cloudy?
2. Why is the water so hard?
3. Where is our water from?
4. How safe is our water?

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