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Water Rates
Rates and Charges Overview
Your monthly bill contains at least two types of charges:  a monthly Service Charge, and a charge for the amount of water you use (called consumption).  You may also have other charges, such as your city's utility users' tax. 

Rates Summary

Monthly Service Charge
The monthly Service Charge is a ready-to-serve charge applicable to all metered services.  Once a meter is installed, the ready-to-serve monthly Service Charge begins and only ends when the meter is removed or the water service to the location is terminated.  The charge is based upon the size of the water meter installed at the location. 

Monthly Service Charges

Water Consumption Charges "Tiered Rates"
You are charged according to the amount of water you use.  The more you use, the higher your water bill.  Tiered rates reward customers using less water by charging less per unit of water.  A unit of water is 748 gallons. 

Tier One:  0 to 10 units of water.  The lowest rate per unit.
Tier Two:  11 to 50 units of water.  The second lowest rate per unit.
Tier Three:  51 units of water and up.  The highest rate per unit.

The first 10 units are charged at the Tier One rate.
The remaining units, up to 50, are charged at the Tier Two rate.
The remaining units, if any, are charged at the Tier Three rate.

Using 15% Less Water Can Make Rate Increase Evaporate
In most cases, residential customers using up to 70 units of water a month (over 52,000 gallons of water a month) who conserve just 15%, will notice no effect of the water consumption rate increase.  Make the rate increase "evaporate" by conserving water.

15% Water Reduction Equals Savings

Visit our Water Conservation Page

Where Can I Get More Information?
Check back to this website often.  You can also contact our Customer Service Department five days a week (Mondays through Fridays, excluding holidays) and by phone at (909) 875-1804.

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