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Rebates & Programs

As part of West Valley Water District's commitment to Water Use Efficiency and Conservation, the District is pleased to help our customers with saving water.  Customers may receive rebates by replacing or purchasing qualified water-saving products.   Rebates are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be available for as long as funds are available.

Indoor Device Rebates

High Efficiency Toilets

  • Up to $50, per toilet (maximum 2 per household; $100) installed that has a low volume flush of 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) or less and must bear the WaterSense logo and must be on the list of WaterSense labeled toilets found at www.epa.gov/watersense.
  • All toilets being replaced must be models using 3.5 gpf or greater.
  • See application below for more details.

High Efficiency Washing Machine

  • Up to $100, for purchase of a new High Efficiency Washer (HEWs). New HEW must be on the current list of Energy Star qualified clothes washers, www.energystar.gov, or have a water factor of 6 (gallons per cycle/per cubic foot) or less per load. 
  • HEWs must replace a unit that uses a higher volume of water per load.
  • See application below for more details.

Outdoor Device Rebates              

Weather-Based "Smart" Irrigation Controller     


  • Up to $100, for purchase/installation of a new Smart Timer and must include a weather sensor or the purchase/installation of a weather sensor that is compatible with existing irrigation timer. 
  • See application below for more details.

High Efficiency Irrigation Nozzles


  • Up to $4, per installed nozzle with documentation (pamphlet, sticker, etc.) signifying its water use efficiency and all nozzles on an individual valve circuit must be replaced at the same time for effective conservation. 
  • See application below for more details.


    Rebate Application (Turf Replacement Rebate Application-Below)

   Solicitud para Reembolso (Solicitud para el Reembolso de Reemplazo del Cesped-Abajo)

To submit your rebate application, please print it out and send it with all other required documents (as stated in application) by mail to:

    West Valley Water District
    Attn: Conservation
    P.O. Box 920 
    Rialto, CA 92376

Turf Replacement Rebate Program               

Turf Replacement
  • Up to $1 per square foot for the replacement of current turf with a water-efficient landscape. 
  • Customers are required to have pre-inspection and submit a landscape sketch/design of all proposed conversion landscape areas at the time of pre-inspection approval. 
  • Removal and replacement of turf must comply with customers' city and county landscape ordinances.
  • Projects are required to be a minimum of 500 square feet and completed within 6 months of approval date.  Properties with a lot size smaller than 4,500 sq.ft. are exempt from this requirement.
  • Landscape areas where conversion takes place are required to contain enough vegetation to create at least 33% living plant cover, once the plants are fully grown; artificial turf is exempt from this requirement.
  • The conversion area is required to be completely covered by a layer permeable to air and water. Common materials include rock, bark, un-grouted flagstone or pavers and artificial turf manufactured to be permeable. Concrete or other impermeable treatments do not qualify.
  • Water-efficient landscape products are at the desire of the customer such as rock, pebble, mulch, groundcover, drought tolerant plants with drip irrigation and/or artificial turf. 
  • Visit the Inland Empire Garden Friendly website at www.watersavinggardenfriendly.com for a list of water saving plants.
  • Customer is required to provide itemized-dated sales receipt (s).
  • Customer is required to fill out a W-9 Form for a rebate amount equal or greater than $600; may be considered taxable income. Check with a tax professional for your specific tax filing requirements.


    Rebate Application-Turf Replacement Program

    Solicitud Para Reembolso- Reemplazo del Cesped

Additional Resources

Water Audits

  • Our water conservation specialists are here to help and will come to your home to identify areas indoor and outdoor that can help you save water.

Conservation Kits

  • To receive your FREE Water Conservation Kit please fill out the form below and take to District Headquarters Administration Office and pick up your kit.
  • Water Conservation Kit Form

Conservation Events


Contact Us

For more information about our Rebates & Programs, contact our Conservation Department at (909) 875-1804 ext. 347 or email us at .

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