Water Use Efficiency

As we continue to grow, WVWD is diligently pursuing new and additional sources of supply to ensure we have sufficient water available to meet current and future demand. 

As part of our commitment to water use efficiency and conservation, we’re pleased to offer rebate programs, free conservation kits, community workshops, and free water audits to support customers in making conservation a way of life.



Customers may receive rebates by replacing or purchasing qualified water-saving products.  Rebates are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be available for as long as funds are available.

Rebate Application 

Solicitud para Reembolso

Turf Replacement Rebate Program Application

Solicitud para Reembolso del Reemplazo de Cesped



At Home Water Survey

At Home Water Survey

West Valley Water District is committed to providing opportunities to inform and educate our customers on water conservation. Our Customer Service Team will come to your home to evaluate your at-home water use and help you identify ways to save water. For more information, contact us at 909-875-1804.


Water Conservation Kit

Take home your free conservation kit today by visiting our customer service lobby, during normal business hours. Kits include home water saving devices such as water efficient hose nozzles, showerheads and more!


Your Water Conservation Kit Includes:

  • 2 showerheads with adjustable spray
  • 1 five-minute shower timer
  • 1 kitchen sink aerator
  • 2 bathroom sink aerators
  • 1 toilet tank bank
  • 2 toilet leak detection tablets
  • 1 automatic shut off hose nozzle


To receive a free Water Conservation Kit please fill out the form below and take to our District Office.

At-home Water Conservation Kit

Formulario del Programa de Conservación del Agua


Water Saving Tips

There are many easy ways to use water more responsibly—and lower your monthly water bill in the process.


  • Check for leaks: Download our Leak Detection Guide
  • Longer showers can waste 5 to 10 gallons of water every unneeded minute.
  • If you’re washing dishes, brushing your teeth or cleaning vegetables, don’t let the faucet run. 
  • Install water-saving devices in your kitchen and bathroom. 
  • Only wash full loads of laundry.


  • Check for leaks: Download our Leak Detection Guide 
  • Replace turf with drought-resistant trees and plants. Look for the Water Saving Garden Friendly logo at Home Depot and other garden centers to find plants that will thrive in the Inland Empire climate and save water. Plant during spring or fall when watering requirements are lower. 
  • Add mulch whenever possible, 2-4 inches deep. Mulch helps conserve moisture by reducing water evaporation from the soil. It also improves the health of the soil, reduces weed growth, and makes your area look more appealing.
  • Water in the early morning or evening
  • Consider installing a drip irrigation system to water your plants and trees more efficiently.
  • Position your sprinklers so the water lands on the lawn and not on paved areas. Try to avoid watering on windy days. 
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean driveways and sidewalks.
Community Presentations

Community Presentations

The public affairs department is committed to increase community awareness and the importance of water and conservation. 

To schedule a classroom or community presentation, contact us via Email or 909-875-1804.

Additional Conservation Resources

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